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Our Prices

Our fees are breed specific and based on the needs  of each pet.  Call us today and we can give you an estimate based on the breed, size and coat condition. 

Our Services

Clean Pup Package

This package includes a nail trim and filing, an ear cleanse, a brush out, shampoo and conditioning and full blow out.

*Includes shedding treatment for double coated dogs

The Works-

This package includes nail trimming and filing, an ear cleanse, a brush out, shampoo and conditioning, a full blow out and a hair cut.

Emergency Stinky Dog-

If your pup encounters a skunk or just rolls in something super funky and you can't wait to get them smelling fresh again, we offer an emergency appointment same day after our regular hours, before hours or during lunch for $50 in addition to regular Clean Pup Package price. 



Add Ons-  a la carte

Nail Trim- $15


Medicated Shampoo-If your pup has their own shampoo provided by a vet, we are more than happy to use it during the bath. Because medicated shampoos require a leave on time of 5-10 minutes we do charge a $7 fee.

Teeth Brushing- We offer a thorough teeth brushing and fresh breath foam for $10

Anal Gland Expression- For dogs that need it, we do offer Gland Expression for $10. We only recommend expression for dogs that have it routinely done or who have been scooting excessively.

Other Charges-

Matting Charges- If a dog comes in with matting we do charge for the time it takes to remove them. De-matting is a slow process because we put the pet's safety first and try to do it with as little discomfort to the pet as possible. That being said, if a dog becomes distressed during de-matting or  the groomer decides that it is in the dog's best interest to cease, we will consult the client and recommend a shave and start over. If the client declines we can not go on with the groom and we will return the dog and will still need to take payment. We charge $1 per minute of de-matting.

Cancellation Fees

We realize life happens, but as mobile groomers we are planning our whole day around you to help make your life easier.  In  return, we ask for you to always let us know if you need to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.  If 24 hours notice is not given, we will have to charge a $25 cancellation  fee.  We will send you a reminder 7 days in advance and will call 48 hours as well to give  you plenty of time to make changes.  

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