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   We come to you!!!!  

No car rides, no cages, no long stays or stressful situations like separation anxiety that are usually associated with salon grooming.


Same Groomer

We will have the same groomer every visit. This way we are able to develop a caring and rewarding relationship with you and your dog.


Our mobile grooming van is equipped with quiet generators, heating and air conditioning. 


                        All Sizes,  All Ages, All Conditions

Our tub is stainless steel and has a floor that lowers and raises to accommodate any size of dog. The custom, electric grooming table lowers right to the floor for older, arthritic or big dogs to step right onto the table with ease.  The table is also equipped  with a retractable ramp that provides your dog with a comfortable way for them to step in and out of the tub. 


                                      Less Time

We bathe and dry your pet straight through with no cage dryers. Your dog is hand dried by our efficient air dryers.  The dryers gently dry and fluff at a low speed, or can be used at a high speed to remove excess undercoat which reduces the amount of time we would have to spend brushing your dog.    


Your dog will have one on one attention and will be done start to finish.  The van is a clean, sanitary environment with no exposure to other animals, parasites or diseases.  

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