Nicole Ferguson

Meet Hazel (Left) and Paisley! They are Nicole's beloved Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Paisley is 6 and enjoys napping, snuggling, hiking, splashing around in the river and eating. Hazel is 3 and she loves snacks, romps, traveling in the car and hogging the bed.


To us a groomer must be experienced, talented, gentle, patient, courteous and professional.  We feel like we found the perfect one and are anxious for you to meet her.  Nicole grew up in Durango and has always called it home. She is a life long animal lover and has a passion for all things dog. She has worked with pups for the last 5 years, enjoying every minute of it. For the last 3 years, Nicole has professionally groomed a wide variety of breeds and has taken several classes to better her skills. Including most recently, seminars at Groom Expo West in Pasadena, CA ,covering behavioral grooming, veterinary tips for grooming, hand stripping and the most up to date techniques for creating a positive stress free environment for the dogs. Nicole has 2 dogs, a cat, and a worm composting farm. In her free time she likes to travel, hike and explore with her boyfriend and critters! Nicole also does art when she has time, she especially enjoys painting. Nicole is our dog whisper and part owner.  

The Jackson family is excited to bring our new business to town and share our love of dogs.  Our own dogs flip over backwards and have to be drug in upside down to the grooming salons.  They hate being away from us and being with strangers,  in cages all day long.  We were in desperate need  for an option other than our own bathtub for grooming them.  We hope you love this option as much as we do.  Our dogs run to the van  and jump right in.  It makes such a huge difference with the van right outside our home.   They LOVE Nicole and are always thrilled to see her.  We have lived in Durango for over 40 years and will be working with local shelters and businesses to give back to our community.  We hope to become a part of your family soon.

 Tony, Lee Ann, Kade and Breyton.  

Tony and Lee Ann Jackson

Bella & Ralphie